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* I am an old school video game player

I have fond memories of playing on the Apple IIe at school then the Amiga 500 computer (Commodore). Eventually I got a Compaq PC to play Age of Empires and then the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

* My kids are new school players

They grew up with consoles – mine, not theirs 🙂 – and gaming apps on tablets. I find it curious how they spend hours watching others play games on YouTube instead of doing it themselves.

* So what is Woodward Games about?

This channel is about curious things we come across, both old school and new that we’d like to share with the world.

Games We Play

Dungeons & Dragons

Rob W. (the old school gamer) used to play Dungeons & Dragons as a teenager. Yes, we are talking about back in the 80s with the iconic Second Edition boxed sets.

A generation later and now Rob W. is the Dungeon Master taking his family on many adventures in the fascinating world of D&D. 

Time to roll some dice…


Blackout Rugby

Blackout Rugby is an online Sport Management Game by Blackout Games. You are in charge of a rugby team and have to manage your players, set game tactics to win your league and eventually try and dominate the rugby world.

Rob W. has been playing Blackout Rugby since 2007 when the classic version was in Beta. Now a new updated version of this game has come out (December 2019) and again Rob is also out to show his skills, or lack of them, in this new world!

Rob W. often does a lot of live streaming of Blackout Rugby on YouTube where he watches live games as they happen and chats with the managers of other Blackout Rugby clubs.

Age of Empires

Rob W. has had so many enjoyable memories playing Age of Empires 1, 2 and 3 that as soon as Age of Empires II – The Definite Edition became a part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC, he downloaded it immediately and began conquering the world.

Now the rest of the family are discovering this classic Medieval strategy game.

I bet you can still hear the sound of that horn in your head as you are advised that someone is attacking you. Yeah, you know the one.

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What is Woodward Games?

I am an old school video game player. I have fond memories of playing on the Apple IIe at school. Hours of my lunchtime were lost playing Taipan and Ultima. I eventually had an Amiga 500 computer (Commodore) when I was older and again lost many hours playing games...

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We do more than play games…

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