Unions have finally come to Blackout Rugby.
Unions are like federations, clans, or a rowdy family…. all coming together under one cause.

I am pleased to announce the inception of what will one day be a legendary union…
It goes by the name of …. (drum roll) …

Unicorn Hookers - Blackout Rugby Union

Unicorn Hookers with Onion Peelers (UHOP)

Why is the union called Unicorn Hookers with Onion Peelers?
Woodward Games has done many live streams of Blackout Rugby on YouTube and Twitch and there is an awesome community where we just hang out, have some fun and every now and then we learn something (like you can only get your hooker up to 155kg and don’t leave your beer too close to the keyboard)

The word UNICORN always managed to appear in the chat at some relevant moment and in context while playing Blackout Rugby live. Also, we thought it would be funny to have a team of big stocky macho dudes with a unicorn as a part of their club logo.

And the hookers part? Well… what isn’t there to love about hookers. They are team players. 😉

Ok, what about the Onion Peelers part? There is another union which shall not be named (ok, it’s ONION… buy me a drink and I’ll pretty much tell you anything). The ONION union is our largest rival… some would say (ok, it was only the guy that cleans all the dirty glasses at the local pub)… they are our mortal enemy. Our unions have been in a feud that has lasted centuries, being passed down over the generations. It all started many moons ago on a dark and stormy night, something happened, and then something else happened and no-one really remembers what but that is beside the point. And what can bring down the mighty ONIONS? An onion peeler*.
No, i didn’t make up the word onion peeler… it’s like a potato peeler, but for onions. If you have never seen one… then stop shopping at those cheapo two-dollar stores… these things are exclusive… like Gucci, but shinier and better!

After combining all of these important elements (like some mad scientific experiment) we get the legendary name of: Unicorn Hookers with Onion Peelers

What do you get if you join? *

– Your own unicorn (keep as a pet or fatten for the bbq)
– You will get +690 XP in real life to upgrade anything in your life (make your kids smarter, make your boss less of an a-hole or add an extra clump of body hair to a family member or yourself)
– Terrible jokes … no seriously, really bad jokes that will make your eyes roll, your soul groan and have you quickly looking for something to throw at me.
– So many other awesome things that are too numerous to list so I will just put etc. etc.
– etc.
– etc.

(* Subject to availability)

Who is the President of the Union going to be and why?

Rob W. from Woodward Games will be the first president and did not totally rig the elections to become that said President.
(Please don’t recount any of the votes)

So what is this Union about?

The main idea of this union is to have fun and share thoughts, ideas and experiences with other managers. Yes, we will also end up CRUSHING all other unions in any challenges due to our infinite knowledge of … um … things … but we are here to enjoy ourselves.

Can you tell me more about Unicorn Hookers with Onion Peelers?



Because I would have to make stuff up and I would NEVER do that!

Reasons NOT to join Unicorn Hookers

1. We are here to have a good time… Blackout Rugby is our way to relax and connect with random people from all over the world. If you are overly serious or have an ego, we are not for you. There are many other unions that would love to have your hyper powerful team.
3. If you are allergic to rum.
7. If you need a calculator to count.

Final words

This glorious Union was founded on the 21st of December 2020.

Have an awesome day!


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