In this tutorial I create a BRAND NEW club in Blackout Rugby.

I will show you the first things you need to do as the manager of your new club.
I explain the different things you need to know, assuming you have absolutely no experience with the game. I talk about:

  • How to start and set up a new club
  • The club buildings and what each one does
  • How to upgrade buildings
  • How the building tech trees
  • The types of competitions
  • How to change the colours of your team kit (home and away) and buildings
  • The players and their stats
  • How to train players
  • The competitions – The difference between the League and the Ladder
  • What is energy? What is energy used for? How to get more energy in Blackout Rugby?
  • What are the cards? What do the cards do? How do I play the cards?
  • What are tokens? What can you use the tokens for?
  • How to set up tactics for a match
    … and MUCH more.

NOTE: I will create individual articles (with videos) about each of the above aspects over the next months and will link to them from this page.

So, I welcome you to the latest Woodward Games Blackout Rugby Club…. Woodward Saints.
You will see how I set everything up in the first two hours playing the game.

I have played Blackout Rugby for MANY years and currently have three top-level clubs (been number 1 in the world many times) so thought I would create this tutorial about creating a new club from the perspective of an experienced manager.

So now my 4 Blackout Rugby teams are currently:
Woodward Games – Level 30
Woodward Chile – Level 30
Woodward England – Level 30
Woodward Saints – Level 1

NOTE: This FREE rugby manager game is still in BETA so you may see a few bugs here and there. It is currently available on STEAM.

Blackout Rugby Beginner's guide to starting a new club - Tutorial


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