FIFA 19 was released worldwide today for those that have the Champions Edition (everyone else gets to play it in 3 more days) which is the version I got.

Since I’m in New Zealand and our timezone is ahead of everyone else’s, we get to play most new releases before everyone else in the world… accept the big gamers of course.

Well, this is my first version of FIFA in many, many years. I had FIFA 08 and FIFA 13… both of which I didn’t play that much. So, basically I am an absolute newbie when it comes to playing FIFA.

I intentionally play at the semi-professional level of game play as I only know the absolute basics… that is, A to pass and Y for the goalie to come out of his goal. As you will see in the video I had to try and remember which button did which thing and even forgot that B is used to shoot (which I now know after that frustrating miss).

Even though I had two other versions of FIFA, I never played the online FUT which is the FIFA Ultimate Team. I heard through the grapevine that you more or less have cards with players on them and you have to build your team out of the cards you are given. You get those cards by buying them or completing tasks (I think).

So you are going to watch me set up my first ever FUT team and then play my first ever FUT game. You may notice how terrible I am at playing but I want to show everyone this incredibly low starting point from which I will hopefully grow. Remember this moment, remember how pathetic of a player I currently am.


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